Adventures in Wonderland was a show on Disney Channel based on the classic Disney movie Alice In Wonderland, but with a modern edge and a few more allusions to the Lewis Carrol books.


  • Alice- a modern teenage girl who figures out her life by going to Wonderland through her mirror (an allusion to the book Through the Looking Glass)
  • Dinah- Alice's cat
  • The Red Queen- the ruler of Wonderland. She is African-American, unlike the original story, and is much calmer and never threatens execution of anybody.
  • The White Rabbit- the bumbling servant of the Queen. He uses inline skates. He does not carry a giant pocketwatch and does not worry about being late.
  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum- do not resemble the weird twins from the movie and books at all, but rather are portrayed as thin, tall, African-American rappers wearing purple bodysuits and bright green baseball caps (always backwards)
  • The Caterpillar- Has a snooty British accent and no longer smokes a hookah to make the show more family-friendly.
  • The Cheshire Cat- the classic, disappearing feline from the stories
  • The Mad Hatter- the classic, insane character from the stories
  • The March Hare- the classic rabbit from the stories, but not as mad as in the original stories