D-TV is a series of music videos created by Walt Disney Productions in 1984. Disney combined hit songs from the past with footage of vintage Disney animation, created in the style of MTV music videos, which inspired the name of this series. The videos were shown as filler material on the Disney Channel (as the network did not air commercials at this time), as well as being the focus of television specials. Home video collections were also released on the VHS, Beta, CED Videodisc, and Laserdisc formats. After the first run of D-TV, in 1989 a second series was produced known as DTV².

D-TV ceased airing in 1999.

Disney had aired three D-TV television specials on NBC in 1986 and 1987: DTV ValentineDTV Doggone Valentine, and DTV Monster Hits. All three specials had its own theme of music: D-TV Valentine focused on love and romance music;D-TV Doggone Valentine focused on love songs with a tribute to Disney's dog and cat characters; and D-TV Monster Hits was focused on Halloween themed music and footage.