Darkwing Duck was a Disney Afternoon cartoon on the Disney Channel in the 1990s. It starred Drake Mallard as he attempted to thwart evil, albeit comically.


  • Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck- a mild mannered duck who, when duty called, became the mysterious Darkwing Duck. He is a parody of Batman, and his intro phrase is a parody of a scene of a Batman: the Animated Series episode. His catchphrase is "Let's get dangerous.". He carries a gas gun.
  • Launchpad McQuack- Darkwing's goofy pilot, who takes pride in his crashes. Is also seen in Duck Tales. Was supposed to star in Tale Spin.
  • Gosalyn Mallard- Darkwing's adventurous, adopted tomboy daughter. She was voiced by the late Christine Cavanaugh, who also had minor roles in Aladdin and 101 Dalmatians: the Series.
  • Gizmoduck- a superhero duck who originated in Duck Tales.


  • Quackerjack- a maniacal toymaker whose only friend is a banana doll. He is a parody of The Joker and the Toyman.
  • Bushroot- a nerdy duck who turned into a plant mutant due to an experiment gone wrong. He can communicate with plants and use them for whatever purpose he wants. He may be a parody of Poison Ivy despite being male.
  • Megavolt- a maniacal villain who has an obsession with all things electrical.
  • Negaduck- the polar opposite of Darkwing in every way possible. May be a reference to Bizarro from the Superman comics.


The show is available on DVD

Video GamesEdit

  • A video game was released to the NES by Capcom. It is a modified version of Capcom's popular game Mega Man 5. A game was also released to the TurboGrafx 16.


  • One episode is entitled "The Duck Knight Strikes Again". "Dark Night" is a nickname for Batman, of whom Darkwing is a parody.
  • One character is named Professor Moriarty, after Sherlock Holmes nemesis James Moriarty.
  • "Drake" is the name for a male duck. "Mallard" is a type of duck.
  • "Gosalyn" sounds like "gosling", the name for a young goose.
  • St. Canard, where the show takes place, is named after a type of duck.
  • Launchpad McQuack was originally going to be the protagonist of the series.
  • Former internet celebrity and bad movie reviewer The Blockbuster Buster is a major fan of Darkwing Duck.
  • Internet celebrity Nostalgia Critic admitted his enjoyment of the series during his episode in which he reviewed the Disney Afternoon block.
  • Internet celebrity The Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed the TurboGrafx version, finding it difficult and confusing. He also claims it is greatly inferior to the NES version.
  • The late, great Tony Jay had a minor role in the series.
  • Darkwing appears in the DuckTales reboot.