• Wolf O'Donnel

    Kids of the 90s will remember Goof Troop. It starred the ever-lovable Goofy as he attempted to cope with everyday life. His preteen son Max hung out with his humble best friend P.J. (son of Goofy's next-door-neighbor Pete). This show was a classic on the Disney Afternoon block and even spawned a video game on the SNES. The show even spawned two movies in which Max is in high school. Despite all this, Goof Troop was only released once in a three-episode, two-disc set (the crap?). You can also get an episode with one of the films (with the intro removed, as if it were a made-for-DVD cartoon). Regardless, this is still awful considering that all the other shows of the Disney Afternoon have been released onto DVD already. Please, Disney, pleas…

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